A genius with a hat

The first time I listened to Jamiroquai, I was still pretty much only into techno music from early 90′. So no wonder I surprised myself when I went to the store, hum “Too young to die” to the store attendent and leave the store extremely happy with my first CD in years.

I was lucky, it was their first album, Emergency on planet earth, it was 1993 and I caught them on the right time. I never stopped following their work since then and loving it everyday.


It’s just amazing how they transitioned from their first albums, “Emergency on planet earth” and “The return of the space cowboy”, albums with instrumental sounds, drums, base, guitar and some hints of electronic vibes, steadily to their last albums, “Rock dust light star” and “Automaton”, with much more electronics and more fit for dance floors. They adapted to the times really making it.

And despite of that they managed to stay be called an ‘Acid Jazz’ band, having change styles so much,



Not to forget that Jamiroquai is not a person, it’s a band. Their leader, Jay-K, or Jason Luís Cheetham Kay, he’s the singer, the brain and the face associated to Jamiroquai, but all my respects to Derrick McKenzie,  Sola Akingbola, Rob HarrisMatt Johnson, Paul Turner and the rest of the team, awesome job!

 jamiroquai2                                                                                   Jamiroquai3

I had the priviledge to see them in concert in Barcelona in 2003 and Paris in 2005. I would say the best years, when their discography was already well rich and Jay-K was fit enough to deliver a great show! I’ll always remember the start with Jay-K jumping off a 2m pyramid.

The one million dollar question, what’s my favorite tune? I love most songs of each album, so it’s impossible to decide which one I prefer. It could be “Seven days in sunny June”, “Mr. Moon”, “Too young to die”, “Supersonic”, “Electric Mistress”, sooo many.

But if someone pointed a gun at my head and would pull the trigger if I don’t call one, I would probably say “Alright”. Maybe not the one that impacted me the most at a given moment, but definitely the one I liked longer. Since its release in 1996, in “Travelling without moving”, it’s still among the songs I can’t help singing. Yep! I know it by heart! Enjoy the video!

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