Low-cost politicians

This post is based on my experience in my country, but it could apply to way too many countries in the world.

Low cost is maybe the best term to define a generation of incompetent politicians (I’ll come to that later), unable to create the right environment in the rich Europe for their citizens. Politicians that only care about learning how to diminish the opponent, manipulate minds, trick voters and buy journalists. In fact I believe they should care about learning how to create jobs, lure investment, avoid abuses from power companies, improve the quality of living, etc.

I do sometimes manage to watch more than 2 minutes the pathetic show going on at the parliament, with one party accusing and insulting the other party, and vice-versa. I can’t help laughing, although is not funny at all, when I see a politician from a party with over 1000 open cases of corruption, accusing the other one, with more or less the same amount of corruption cases, of being dishonest….. and people is still buying it.

In fact I stopped thinking long time ago that our politicians are incompetent, I no longer think that they are trying but just can’t. On the contrary, they are very clever. They managed to live extremely well from our taxes, without really doing anything significant and ensuring themselves a golden retirement. Working for their citizens is just not a priority.

Think it over, they are the ones that decide how much they are going to make and what privileges they can have…. and no one is asking for explanations, the money is no one’s.


Now don’t take me wrong, I don’t blame them. Why does a small town councilman make 80.000€ annually? why a major can get his daughter, his neighbor, his brother-in-law very well paid positions at any public department, usually consisting in working 4-5 hours a day? why can any deputy create ad-hoc roles for his friends or relatives that consist in doing nothing, maybe showing up once a week and  get a great paycheck at the end of the month? Why can politicians work 7 years and like this ensure a nice pension, whereas the rest of us need to work until 68 years old to get a much worst pension (if we get any at all)?

Well, the response is clear, “because they can”. We still vote for them.

Have you ever heard of a mass demonstration against corruption? Don’t we all still vote for parties that we all know are covered by shit? Take Andalusia as an example. Among the poorest regions in Spain, just saved by the tourism, as it’s blessed by 320 days a year of sunshine and has about a 800 kms coastline. Number one in school dropout, top ranked in unemployment, among the lowest salaries in Spain, lacking major infrastructures, leader in corruption. Andalusia has been ruled by the Psoe for the last 40 years!! The same party that has lead the region to these embarrassing figures. You know what? they will stay where they are. Today, the last surveys still say that Psoe will be the next winner…again.

Voters can’t even think about trying a new party, they apply the say “let’s stick to the devil we know” to the fullest.

It’s probably because the other leading party, PP, is also a sack of thieves. But they managed to make us go for the one of the two that less open cases has, instead of trying other parties, clean and new ones that could certainly bring a breeze of fresh air.


What voters say? Well, these guys haven’t stolen yet, but they will surely once in power, just like the others.

Ok, could be, but between one that you already know steals and another one that might or might not steal, wouldn’t be logical to try the one that just maybe will steal? isn’t the other one already stealing? what are you expecting, them all of the sudden to stop stealing and start working for you? Why should they if you have been voting for them all this time? What message do you think they get? Isn’t it “Keep on stealing, don’t work for us, we will still giving you our support”?

Each country’s politicians are a reflection of their citizens. You get what you deserve.  

A special mention to these guys, who are doing an amazing job: https://www.transparency.org/

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