Stop beliefs or strengthen them?

It looks like China sees Islam as a threat. Not so surprising, somehow this religion with values from ancient times makes a special effort in expanding around the world. The Muslim communities in non-Muslim countries seem to expand specially faster.

Now, arresting Muslims is the way to prevent its expansion? It looks to me more a way to strengthen their beliefs and lighting the flame of counterattacking. How can you pretend people in general to despise their culture or traditions when you use the force to do that? You need to convince them.

In my opinion, education is the key, but it can be made if this education is based on treating every religion the same. It’s not easy to convince a Muslim that Catholicism is the true religion, and that “My God is better than yours”.

But you can convince a Muslim or a Catholic that divinities are just a product of very ancient tales, invented when education was rare and people just believed anything that was said by the authorities, to priests, rabbis and prophets belonged.

They should only look at the most developed countries and the least, and see that in the most developed ones, such as Norway, Sweden, Canada, Germany, France, etc., religion is practically non-existent and decreasing. The contrary is happening in the least developed countries, most countries in Africa or South america.

A particular case is USA, a very developed country with high rates of religion. But it needs to be seen as well that the industry, education and all elements making USA a developed country is happening on the least religious states, such as California, NY or Washington. The religion is strong in Arkansas, Iowa, North and South Dakota, etc.

Just ask a Muslim or a Catholic or whatever, what on earth did you see with your own eyes to believe like you do?

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