GOOGLE is still a baby!!

Only 20 years old. That’s all what Google is. By the volume of this company, one could say it started last century and my grandfather got his first job there, but this is how it works with tech companies, they can be 3 years old and be worth millions.

20 years ago I was already 25, it’s not like I was a kid. In fact Larry Page was exactly my age when he started what happened to be an extremely successful business that made him and his fellow Sergey Brin, two of the youngest millionaires on earth.


Certainly Google has changed our lives. Tell me one thing you don’t google when you need information! We all Google and we Google everything, flights, receipes, cars, hookers, guns, cartoons, history, and so on. Even Google Maps has sunk a relatively new invention, the GPS. Who remembers TomTom Go? (Yes, yes, I know, there are still there).

Coming back to the title of this post, my point is if Google has achieved what it has in 20 years, I worry about many jobs in the next future. Their web search competition is practically non-existant Who uses Altavista, Yahoo, Duck Duck Go, etc? But not only that, you book flights with Google, You store images, Google Maps is the most commonly used one and, as mentioned above, has managed to reduce drastically the use of standard GPS devices. They have bought Youtube, etc.

Google Vintage

Once a friend of mine, who developed kind of a social network for funerals, told me “I’m sure that Google is not interested in this kind of business, but the day they will decide to enter the market, it will be for them piece of cake and the rest of us will have to shut down”.

That’s the only really first hand statement I had about this, but it occurs to me that for such a giant, taking over the world might be a walk in the park.

I will just keep the hope and remember that their Google Plus could not beat Facebook. What a relief!!


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