Those Aussies rock !!

If I say “Strange talk”, I don’t think many musiquists will know what I’m talking about. Not among the most popular stars out there, but these are guys are great.

I discovered Strange talk through a commercial on TV, I really can’t remember which one, but the song was Climbing Walls. Loved it the first time, more the second time. I then Shazamed it and met these Australian artists from Melbourne, Stephen DockerGerard SidhuTravis ConstableGillan Gregory .

As mentioned, Climbing Walls was the first song I heard. There’s actually 2 videos, both are pretty cool, but I have a thing with the second one, here below. I don’t know, I think it’s the car. A red classic convertible, who wouldn’t dream of it?

I fell for this style. It sounds like some Indy thing at first, but then all those electro sounds hidden behind the voices give another feeling, a fresh touch.

Here below you will find two more masterpieces of Strange Talk, Cast Away (giving name to the album) and Eskimo Boy. I strongly invite you to have an open mind and listen to their discography.


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