My blog is not about political correctness and yes, I’m totally against uncontrolled, unregulated or mass immigration. I’m underlining those words because they have nothing to do with racial issues and people using the word “racist” just to attack logic, need to stop. Each country has its own limited capacity of absorbing people (no matter what the race is) and if this capacity is surpassed, it is logic, legit and an obligation toward its citizens, not to admit anyone else.

Europe can’t keep on trying to absorb thousands of migrants a week, just to be politically correct. It is just not sustainable. And again, never mind if they are black, Arabs, Swedish, Latino, Norwegian, pearl white or pink. It’s all about the resources and the capacity. When a country does not have the ability to create certain jobs and has already its own unemployment rate, it’s crazy to bring along more unemployed that won’t be able to collaborate in the national economy, but will indeed consume its resources, such as healthcare or financial aid, and will cause a negative impact on the society, such an important increase of the crime rate (in Europe, more than half of the inmates are foreigners, so for those who would like to refute this, please don’t).

Countries are not stopping this as much as they should because there are still too many “dreamers” in our society thinking that they are doing some good by welcoming anyone, mainly from Africa or Latin america in our EU countries, ignoring the consequences. I call these people “Irresponsible”. The first thing that I would ask them is: what do you want exactly? If you were the president of any EU country or the representative of the union with the ability to implement any immigration law, how would you handle this matter? Would you just open the boarders so anyone could enter freely and obtain residency? Do you know what the consequences would be? Are you aware that there are potentially about 3 billion people in poor countries that would then very likely come right away? So if your answer is “no, I wouldn’t just open the boarders”, why would you let down those hundreds of millions that don’t try to enter illegally and reward those breaking into our country? In fact, we all believe that this situation is not sustainable, we just disagree about when to put an end to it.

The result is already very visible. If the last summer you were on any beach across the EU southern countries, haven’t you been approached every 2 min by hundreds of Africans lining up trying to sell you fake purses? Now it’s not summer anymore. Isn’t the same situation happening in all main plazas of every city?


Top manta This photo was taken in one of the subway’s stations in Barcelona. The items sold are forgeries of main brands.

Africans are coming to EU through Spain at a pace of 1000 a week!. Most of them have no qualification or work skills that we could use. What is the point of letting them in if the only outcome of all this is that they will be on the street, not working, not paying taxes, not bringing along their collaboration to our society and, moreover, surviving by committing crimes? Serious ones or petty theft, but everyone has to live from something and, if they can’t do it legit, they have to do it somehow.

An excellent video explaining the pointlessness of mass migration and its impact to the countries of origin. 


And yes, the illegal sale of fake items and forgeries is a serious offence that causes unemployment and millions in loss to manufacturers.

I do believe that everyone has the obligation to work and collaborate with the society, usually paying taxes that lead to healthcare, education, infrastructure, etc. Everybody should do this in its own country. But if you are leaving your country to migrate to another one that welcomes you, then this obligation becomes more empowered. So if a foreigner comes but finds out he/she can’t work, they need to leave. It makes no sense for them to be here begging on the streets, and it certainly doesn’t make any sense for the country to have them here begging or worst.

I’m very aware that most of the immigration today is due to poverty and, in some cases, war. I assume these people would prefer to stay in their countries rather migrating. However, as explained in the video above, to keep a balance, these people need to stay, fight and not let their fellows down, as our ancestors did in the past in Europe and North America. We had too dictatorships, slavery, authoritarianism, etc. Our ancestors fought, gave their lives, had a hard time, but thank to them, we live in democracies and have reached a certain level of life. The first world just can’t welcome 3 billion people, it’s their turn to fight for their countries.


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