The Mentalist…. or Red John’s playground

I have been very disconnected lately, I know, but am undergoing a great bunch of changes in my life. New career path, new marital status. I’ll come to that in another post.

Here is about one of my favorite shows, if not my fav. I have seen many great shows, Breaking Bad, Suits, Designated Survivor, etc., but few have kept me hooked like The mentalist did.


It is not a new show, the first episode was released in 2008…… My goodness!! already 10 years??? Time flies. But is still playing in my mind. Probably what Patrick Jane intended to achieve. I recently watched Breaking Bad, really good, but I kind of forgot already about it.

For those who never watched it before…. run and buy all seasons. Let me describe a bit about the plot:

A con man named Patrick Jane (portrayed by Simon Baker), uses his skills to trick naive ones into believing he’s a psychic with mental superpowers. So he makes a living offering services such as communicating with the dead, reading minds, predicting the future and so on. However his skills are no others than observation, intelligence, intuition, manipulation, etc., but all of them extremely developed.

He ends up working with the California Bureau of Investigation (CBI) as a consultant, reporting to Chief Teresa Lisbon (portrayed by Robin Tunney), working in the team formed by Wayne Rigsby (Owain Yeoman), Kimball Cho (Tim Kang) and Grace van Pelt (Amanda Righetti).

But the hidden reason for Patrick to leave his profitable career as a con man and join the CBI is to track down the killer of his wife and daughter, Red John, a serial killer who’s identity remains unrevealed for most seasons, and signs his crimes with a smiling red emoticon.

The show pretty much stays awesome up to seasons 6, when Red John’s identity is revealed and the team switches CBI for FBI. That part, from seasons 7, is also very good, but not as much as the first plot.

What do I like so much? Patrick Jane is kind of the new type of hero these days. Not strong, not a skilled fighter, chickens up at every fight and let Teresa Lisbon do that work, but a super brain. Sharp, way more intelligent than most people around him, gets what he wants not using violence. Something like Doctor Reid from Criminal Minds, but more credible (I can’t stand watching that kid Dr. Reid chasing criminals at gun point).

All characters are nailed, but I would like a special mention to Kimball Cho.  An emotionless policeman, cold and extremely professional who would never get late, but somehow manages to be one of the funniest characters.

And damn! Grace van Pelt is a hottie! And a great police officer too. The Mentalist cast

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