My blog is not about political correctness and yes, I'm totally against uncontrolled, unregulated or mass immigration. I'm underlining those words because they have nothing to do with racial issues and people using the word "racist" just to attack logic, need to stop. Each country has its own limited capacity of absorbing people (no matter … Continue reading MASS MIGRATION, AN UNSUSTAINABLE PHENOMENON

The Catalan file

Unfortunately, today in the world when you hear "Catalonia", the first thing that comes to mind is "independence" or "politics". Not much is being said about this wonderful city that Barcelona is, the beautiful coast of Costa Brava, how good athletes Catalans are or their culinary skills. And this is because their politicians are showing … Continue reading The Catalan file

Stop beliefs or strengthen them?

It looks like China sees Islam as a threat. Not so surprising, somehow this religion with values from ancient times makes a special effort in expanding around the world. The Muslim communities in non-Muslim countries seem to expand specially faster. Now, arresting Muslims is the way to prevent its expansion? It looks to me more … Continue reading Stop beliefs or strengthen them?